The website provides an overview over a lifelong obsession with the photographic medium. From MF film work to more recent digital photography .

Studio Liink is my professional Fine Art Print Studio, focused on art reproduction and print work for visual artists.

Red Door Gallery in Mount Shasta is a show case for Photography and Contemporary Art, here you can find some of my high resolution oversize print work on display.

My photography work and the two venues above, a combined effort to afford a life around a camera and art.


For any purchase inquiries please contact me directly at



Or text me at

530 859 9306 due to hearing damage I am limited at the use of the phone and prefer text!

All the work is made, printed, guarantied, handled and shipped by the artist directly to you and on request can also be installed at your home in the Central West Coast area for a per diem fee of $125-175 pending on mileage. UPS is my shipping choice for non-fragile prints and kits, nationally and international. Many of my clients are coming by and transport a well packaged frame in a larger car safely, we shipped an about 30×70″ glass framed Eclipse per car transport and it made it up to Salem in the client’s Landcruiser.

Especially larger or multiple orders would be delivered per van if necessary and practical and installed at your house. All the work shown on this site can also be ordered as a tubed print with instructions for the framer, to build any frame at your location. Especially the larger pieces are a unique art work, combined of print and frame and are crafted with great care in my studio. We are using glass for these frames to gain the perfect finished feel and look for the print work. On request we can also utilize Plexiglas on demand and make the larger pieces ship-able. I thas proven most practical for our deliveries to bunch a couple of large frame orders and deliver the work to the Bay Area ourselves and install it at you house for a per diem fee, as commercial shipping is too risky for damages to the work. For that option we ask clients to purchase the piece of their choice to reserve and look in their choice ( each frame is different in look  and nature, working with reclaimed wood ) and to give us a few weeks to bundle some orders for a van delivery. You can order work per email, we use Square Invoices to send you the billing per email and you can handle the transaction right from such an email invoice in a secure fashion.

For any long distance client, I recommend to order the print and receive my frame building instructions – essentially the work can be done by a good carpenter of frame shop.

The overall print number count is per image sold, no matter the print size of any sale.


          Recent Photography Descriptions – shown sequential like slideshow above:

Eichen No 11

“Eichen” (German for oaks) a unique landscape in the ranch country between Weed and Edgewood

Open Edition, 2009, toned B&W archival pigment print

17×34″ at $ 490 for print # 2 – 9

30×60″ at $ 1290 for print # 1 – 9 add black frame 40×80″ for $ 400


Red Rock


“Red Rock” 2015 B&W fine art print of Lake Siskiyou at sun rise and is at the moment offered at the

new print introduction price of $ 300 for print #1-5 ( reg $ 450 for print # 5-10 ) for a print at 18×24″ plus framing cost for a limited time only.

also available in 11×14″ for $ 200 all prints are signed and dated



"New Boards"


“New Boards” a ranch landscape  on Hoy Road near Weed, fresh wooden boards were applied the day before by ranch hands and caught my attention.

Limited Edition 30 + 2 AP, 2012

toned B&W archival pigment print

10×34″ – $ 490 for prints # 1 – 5


“Edgewood and Slough” a school bus stop outside of Edgewood, larger Diptych to be unveiled at the Turtle Bay Museum West Biennial in January 2015

Diptych, 2014, Limited Edition of 10 + 1 AP

Color Photograph – archival pigment print – diptych wall display size: 40×140″

36×64″ size for each panel

$ 3.400 for diptych # 1 – 3

Mount Shasta & Solar Eclipse 2012


“Mount Shasta & Solar Eclipse” of May 2012. Originally a landscape study under the softer light of the full eclipse on our landscape. The event, the high resolution image and  large size  print are representative of a most unique view of Mount Shasta and are quickly becoming a very well collected piece of Mount Shasta, especially in the larger sizes.

My image files are about 2 GB in optically created photographs and are made specifically to utilize the best qualities in classic optics/lenses and the modern large size print technology, resulting in most amazing detail and tonality prints.


Open Edition, 2012, toned B&W archival pigment print

signed, dated, certificate and number of print, available in these sizes and also as a custom size framed print per order, created to your specific size instructions.

36×86″ large size on canvas $ 2,600 and stretched on bars $ 2,900, with added barn wood frame $ 3.300

22×66″ standard size at $ 900 for print and $ 1,500 for framed print – this recent 2015 edition has a cropped sky and foreground with a more dominant larger depiction of the mountain

22×54″ 2014 edition print at $ 800 for print and $ 1,200 for a framed print – this older edition shows more sky and foreground

16×32″ smaller size at $ 500 for print and $ 700 for framed print

11×33″ smallest size at $ 300 for print and $ 475 for framed print

all these sizes are printed, signed and dated by artist with certificate. There are two versions of the motive, the latest copy is a 1×3 ratio longer print with some crop on top and bottom, elevating the mountain to a more central and bigger presence and is my new 2015 issue, as shown above.

Gift Package:

Fine Art Poster Print of Eclipse comes in a paper size of 15×30″ with text and image 10×24″ in size. Not signed, archival pigment print. $ 129 for a tubed print to go and $ 275 for a framed print in barnwood at ~ 17×33″in frame size, plus S&H. This gift package of the print can be shipped at ease in that size, or as a rolled print with framing instructions.



“Fall and Winter” from Mount Hoffmann above Medicine Lake, looking at Mount Shasta from the East while the first winter storm headed into a beautiful fall day with great force, creating a collision of the season over Mount Shasta.

Open Edition, 2013, toned B&W archival pigment print

22×55″ at $ 500 for print # 2-9

in barn wood frame $ 900

Montague copy

“Montague” ranch land in the Shasta Valley, photographed under a haze from the summer wild fires of 2014 with new thunderheads building up over the hills.

Open Edition, 2014, warm toned B&W archival pigment print

11×33″ at $ 350 for print # 1 – 9, in barn wood frame $ 490



“Quarry No 1”  this piece is an early study of my oversize photography work showing a lava rock quarry in Juniper Valley. Displayed at West Coast Biennial 2013

Limited Edition Triptych 10 + 2 AP

2010, toned B&W archival pigment print, Triptych wall display about 30×120″

each image panel 23×28.5″

Triptych at $ 3000 for edition # 1- 4 for 3 prints, framed in a fine Italian dark red brown rosewood burl frame $ 4100



“Siskiyou – Looking Back” a unique look at Siskiyou County or the “State of Jefferson” taken on Mount Ashland along the Oregon line, looking back into California


Open Edition, 2013, toned B&W archival pigment print

22×66″ at $ 690 for print # 2-9 and $ 850 in barn wood frame

12×36″ at $ 300 for print and $ 450 in black frame

Mount Shasta Living

“Mount Shasta #4” aka McIntosh’s House depicting a late spring snow fal land storm on the mountain and McIntosh’s house build high up on a hill near Hoy Road.

Limited Edition of 69 + 3 AP

2011, toned B&W archival pigment print, 16×20″

$ 269 for print # 2 -9


“Ranch Land” Diptych depicting the ranch land north of Mount Shasta in the Shastina Valley near Edgewood

Limited Edition 30 + 3 AP at $ 800 for edition # 1 – 6

2012, each panel 23×23, toned B&W archival pigment print

Posts and Poles

“Posts and Poles”

Limited Edition 30 + 3 AP at $ 1700 for print # 2- 6

2012, size 20×54″ toned B&W archival pigment print


“Mailbox” a recent photographic diptych of the Boles Fire in Weed, burned Manzanita brush on Hoy Road showing my old mailbox in the background untouched

Limited Edition Diptych 30 + 3 AP at $ 750 for edition #1 – 3 in black frame

2014 each image at 20×22″, diptych display at 32×50″



         Collages and Print Work


“Running Lines Running”

Three images taken on Interstate 5 near Louie Road Exist, sequential images applied to simple flips of the images, creating a Collage Diptych in the process, even though the collage is simply a variant of the same three photographs..

Limited Edition Diptych 10 + 2AP

2009, color photographs, each image is 20.6×20.8″ and in frame of about 36×36″ in size for each panel

Edition # 1 – 3 at $ 2200 – shown here with wood frame simulation

Driving to Ashland

“55 – Driving to Ashland”

an initial collage type experiment with 3 sequential images taken while driving to Ashland and turned into a simple arrangement of three photographs with motion, handheld and exposure time blur.


Limited Edition of 50 +5 AP

2010, color photographs at 16×31.6″

$ 250 for prints # 1 – 9




          Traditional Photographs – Medium Format Film Work

"Spaziergang am Staffelsee"

“Spaziergang am Staffelsee” an early piece showing a person walking along a path in ten winter along lake Staffel near Murnau, Bavaria.

1981, Limited Edition 23+3AP

11.5×14″ at $ 390 for prints 2 – 7

"Wilshire Boulevard"

“Wilshire Boulevard” first travels on the West Coast whilst schlepping two Pentax 6×7 over hills and valleys.

1982, Limited Edition 23+3 AP

11×14″, $ 390 for print # 1 – 7


“Boule Players” Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris

1981, Limited Edition 23 + 3 AP

11×14″, $ 390 for print # 1 – 7

Into The City

“Into The City”, San Francisco, Upper Market Street near Twin Peaks

1982, Limited Edition 23 + 3 AP

11×14″, $ 390 for print # 1 – 7

Re-edit of original photograph 1981

“Bullfight” near Lisboa, Portugal

early 1980ies, Limited Edition 23 + 3 AP

11×14″, $ 390 for print # 1 – 7

re-edit of original photograph -  Pentax 6x7 B&W film

“Photographers” Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris

1981, Limited Edition 23 + 3 AP

11×14″, $ 390 for print # 1 – 7


If I would attempt to describe my work style in a nutshell………………let me try;

A traditional film photographer, tormented by HCB sitting on his younger shoulders for a very educational decade or two, finally meandered away from the dictate of any pre-set industry standards, technical definitions, engineer’s preferences as a defining influence on my art. Progressively using many facets of technical choices to reach my goal of an astounding large size print work created from a traditional photography endeavor with the image content/story created at the time of exposure. Essentially I am one of the few photographers firmly standing with one foot in the film era of photography and one foot in the newer digital possibilities, a brief and essential bridge generation. My print work is utilizing extremely large image files of 1-2GB at times to gain intensive detail and tonal gradient, printed on the latest Epson technology with outstanding archival qualities of about 100 years under temperate room conditions with occasional sun light. Each large size print comes with a signed Printer’s Certificate, establishing the print technology applied and the origin and  provenance of each art work.

Thank You for Visiting my Website!

Heinz Danzberger