heinzdanzberger.com provides you with an overview of my lifelong passion for the photographic medium, including archives, image listings and statements.

The website is designed as a broader information resource and hub tied to other media.

To follow my recent work projects, please follow my blog and Instagram for updates on my ongoing projects.

Heinz Danzberger Gallery & Studio in Mount Shasta is a show case for my photography work and some contemporary art samples by artist I do work with on fine art reproduction and limited edition print work.

The Gallery, plus my Studio work are a combined effort to afford a life around a camera and the arts in a small rural town, offering fine art, portrait and commercial services in Northern California.

For any quick references, inquiries and a private gallery viewing while you are in my town, you can also text me during the hours of 10 AM – 8PM. Email would be my preferred contact venue.

Finally a website focused on my personal photography work

Posted by on Apr 30, 2014 in News

Welcome to my website. As you can see it is still under construction. If you need more information please go to Red Door Gallery and you can find out more about my work and venues.

This site should up and running to keep you informed within May of 2014, pending on me being able to decipher WordPress enough to get myself into the driver seat.

Red Gallery Door. com is a site, a bit static at the moment, showing my work as gallery owner and a good list of my photography work.

Heinz Danzberger. com will be focused on my ongoing photography and fine art print work.

Studio Liink . com is a site about my capture and print services offered to visual artists, extending my skill set and tools to other art studios for the creation of art market productions.



Heinz Danzberger

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