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Heinz Danzberger Gallery & Studio in Mount Shasta is a show case for my photography work and some contemporary art samples by artist I do work with on fine art reproduction and limited edition print work.

The Gallery, plus my Studio work are a combined effort to afford a life around a camera and the arts in a small rural town, offering fine art, portrait and commercial services in Northern California.

For any quick references, inquiries and a private gallery viewing while you are in my town, you can also text me during the hours of 10 AM – 8PM. Email would be my preferred contact venue.

Mount Shasta & Solar Eclipse 2012

Mount Shasta & Solar Eclipse 2012




During the full Solar Eclipse of May 2012, I was able to leave the gallery behind for a couple of hours to do a landscape study under the modified light of the eclipse, which had caught my interest. Almost missed the occasion due to business in the gallery. I set up near Castle Lake for this technique and landscape study, honing my high resolution photography technique for application in the outdoors, as it is originally a studio technique.

Ladder on truck bed and T-pod on the cabin to place the 200 mm lens on an elevated angle, test the light, which only altered about 5 stops during the peak of the eclipse and tested the capture process. In essence the eclipse did eliminate any clear and contrasted shadow/light areas on the Mountain and washed the land in a soft box like very gentle light with reduced contrast.

I created about 5 runs of around 1.2 GB files during the peak of the eclipse and managed to gain some outstanding results of a once in a lifetime event in our area……………… after handling the massive amount of data around 1,5GB, a B&W conversion and some standard finishing touches, the result is a stunning image of Mount Shasta under the reduced light of the eclipse. The original image is a 30×80″ image file, created with outstanding optics in high resolution photography.

As it was primarily a study project, at first I did not present it in the gallery, showing it a half year later during a show and it took the place of the most demanded fine art print in the gallery in a short time,…… not slowing down fascinating people’s minds and eyes, finding a spot in homes from San Francisco to the East Coast.

As a fine art printer in my day job, I am fascinated by oversize print work, exploring the capabilities of the fine Epson 79/9900 printer series and have not yet found it’s limits. It is truly astounding what one can achieve at this stage of technology, by combining traditional film photography skills and mind set, old fancy classical lenses and modern sensor technology. The image presents a photograph that would have demanded a 4×5″ sensor and a lens out of NASA’s stock to create it in a single frame, unless one can make do with a fast and furious sequential exposure mode, creating the image with about 80 frames of an almost microscopical optical method, as a work around of a poor man’s camera budget.  I have developed and applied this method for years in my art reproduction work, to use a variable lens x sensor formula to achieve any level of detail and resolution desired for a specific print project.

In it’s essence the photography style imitates a long exposure work flow by utilizing a number of frames in the shortest time possible, to create an image within 20 -30 seconds of overall exposure, naturally not an outdoor method, but with preparation, one can adapt this style to landscape work as well, within some practical limits. I have developed my method in the last 5 years and have a lot of practice in in it’s precise and fast execution, being able to run my capture technique with great precision and fast speed.

I do not use interpolation techniques as it doesn’t add quality to an image file, just exploits it. One can certainly make due with post production enlargement procedures, I just prefer a solid, huge and purely optically created image file, which in most cases I do actually down size for the print work. Again a contrarian! The difference in photography today, at this advanced level of capture devices is – again – found in the quality and characteristics of an outstanding lens. The key to superb imagery is again found in the lens quality above all other capture steps and devices. Needless to say I do employ prime lenses only, mostly Pentax 6×7 glass and some outstanding 35mm prime lenses in my process.

The image, the story and all it’s content is created at exposure, at the heart of what always will be photography, that moment in time, when one captures a photograph. All of which is in depended of the technology used and rests in the operator’s work style.The signed and dated prints of  “Mount Shasta & Solar Eclipse” are archival pigment prints pulled by myself and available in custom sizes.

Overview of Archival Pigment Fine Art Prints available through Red Door Gallery:

“Mount Shasta & Solar Eclipse” 2012 Fine Art prints are available in many sizes, as well custom print sizes, from 16″x 39″ up to 60″ x 148″ on paper or canvas. The most popular size is the 22″x54″ print displayed in our RDG window in a barn wood frame at $ 1,200 at about 28″x 60″ framed size. Prints and smaller frames can be shipped internationally, larger frame work we do deliver and install upon arrangement.

Standard Framed Print Sizes might vary pending on final frame width of about 2-4″:

  1. Framed 20″x42″ in barn wood at $ 600 – 700 pending on frame.
  2. Framed 28″x60″ in barn wood frame at $ 1,200
  3. Framed 30″x74″ in barn wood frame at $ 2,400

All these are printed by myself on  fine art paper and framed in the unique custom made barn wood frames making this sepia toned print an impressive display. Signed and dated at the creation of the print ( chronological ), have a Printer’s Certificate and are build in the latest archival pigment print qualities with an archival life of over 100 years

Recently, I have crafted a custom print on canvas with a wood frame and was very impressed by the great outcome on a canvas version ( see installation picture above ), while cutting out the massive glass cover at a 36″x86″ print, plus 8″ frame size ( a 44″ x 94″ piece – value $ 2,500 – 2,900 ). It just becomes unrealistic and hinders the viewing pleasure to apply a glass cover at such a size for the work, as room reflections do pick up with frame and glass size, unless one can hang it under museum type lighting conditions.

There is no thumbnail or JPEG capable of showing you the rich and detailed texture of these images, one has to see them up close and personal to gain the true results of the work.




This particular print can be also viewed in a thumbnail under the portfolio: Collages and Print Work



Our fine art prints are of the highest archival quality in Epson inks and paper used in the process, with longevity of a print under normal room conditions of over 100 years.

The prints are made by the artist, approved, signed and dated with a print certificate establishing the provenance of any work.

Most of our high resolution images are available in custom sizes, unless it is a limited edition print, which are defined sizes and issues.

With increasing questions about long distance shipping and delivery, here are some options:

We ship any work as a signed and dated print on paper or canvas rolled in tube internationally, most cost effective and safest option. A frame, or even carpentry shop can build you a frame of choice with simple instructions included to achieve a frame of great quality.

Frames to about 20×30″ dimension can be shipped assembled with a risk of glass breakage during transport, larger frames would be unsafe and very expensive to ship in a build crate per art shipper, doable but a serious cost factor.

Larger frames, we do deliver and install by arrangement along the CA and OR corridor of the  West Coast, any farther distance would need to be discussed and explored as a possible option, pending on order size and volume.

While some of our work represents a very unique combined piece of art as a sepia toned large size print and a custom made recycled barn wood frame, it is quite possible for you do order any size print and frame of the work and we will build you a package containing the rolled and tubed print, and also the frame boards as a angle pre-cut, not assembled frame, so you can have a good carpenter finish assemble the frame. You would receive a package of print and frame boards within about 2-3 weeks as custom building frames takes about 2 weeks. All you would need to do is have a furniture carpenter assemble the frame boards, order a regular glass cut to fit the frame and have a frame shop insert the print and a back board to finish the work. Detailed instructions come with the delivery.  It is a simple process actually and won’t cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars in most cases.

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