The website provides an overview over a lifelong obsession with the photographic medium. From MF film work to more recent digital photography .

Studio Liink is my professional Fine Art Print Studio, focused on art reproduction and print work for visual artists.

Red Door Gallery in Mount Shasta is a show case for Photography and Contemporary Art, here you can find some of my high resolution oversize print work on display.

My photography work and the two venues above, a combined effort to afford a life around a camera and art.

Heinz Danzberger Photography Website

Posted by on May 12, 2014 in Fine Art Print, News

if you stumbled into this new site here, please be patient a little longer, as some knowledgeable people are trying to get me to understand the basics of website building…………this, after all is an “old dog learning a new trick” scenario!

Still some visuals are up, images can be viewed and sub texts will soon find their proper location.

You can find out more as well at redgallerydoor.com and if you have any questions, please email me at studioliink(at)gmail(dot)com.

I am certainly looking forward to exchange some thoughts and ideas and am seeking to build gallery relationships in larger city locations, to present my high resolution photography and oversize print work to a broader audience.

In a nutshell you have found a very traditional photographer at work here, all excited about new technologies and new possibilities in crating camera work in various technological venues…….it all is in the end, about the fine art print on the wall. that is where the visual arts rubber meets the road, or wall in this case.

and these are the days indeed to be photographing!

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