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Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Golden Gate

on a recent visit to the one and only City, my son and i did enjoy a visit to the Marin side Vista Point, to enjoy a view of the Golden Gate Bridge on our way heading into town. In the fogged light, I just couldn’t resist grabbing this image of the road site cut into the headlands, showing an incredible rich warm toned view of the warped and twisted soil patterns of a geologically very vibrant area.

A slice into the moveable bed rock of the Bay Area. A splendid light and road image at a 30×40″ native size and I am considering to make a fine art print from it soon, the thumbnail does not to the image quality much justice, which still is a consistent challenge for me as my high resolution work style with massive and optically created photographs intended for large size archival pigment prints, just does not come across on a screen display or web format.

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