The website provides an overview over a lifelong obsession with the photographic medium. From MF film work to more recent digital photography .

Studio Liink is my professional Fine Art Print Studio, focused on art reproduction and print work for visual artists.

Red Door Gallery in Mount Shasta is a show case for Photography and Contemporary Art, here you can find some of my high resolution oversize print work on display.

My photography work and the two venues above, a combined effort to afford a life around a camera and art.

B&W Photography – Modern Landscapes by Heinz Danzberger at Kickstarter

Finally! Kicked off the Kickstarter campaign to get ready and set up for a lot of new and exciting photography work!

It would be my pleasure to have you on-board of this project, which is aimed to finalize work I have sketched out in detail in the last 4 years, bring to full fruition and find the time, outside of my gallery work, to shoot the project for high resolution fine art print work and to build the oversize work. A large project aimed to be presented to art galleries for a show in the bay area and other art centers in 2016. Also it would signal a change in my pursuit, bringing the high resolution photography and print work to a closure for now and to move on to new photography adventures after 2016.

Glimpse it here or search it with the title text:

B&W Photography – Modern Landscapes by Heinz Danzberger

Hope it can be of interest to you.

PS: on a small note – do forgive me for some of the rushed and wooden work in the video. It is true indeed, never put a photographer in front of the lens, or, worse ask him to do a selfie video, first time ever on my IPhone. Not a pretty picture if you get my drift………………….

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