heinzdanzberger.com provides you with an overview of my lifelong passion for the photographic medium, including archives, image listings and statements.

The website is designed as a broader information resource and hub tied to other media.

To follow my recent work projects, please follow my blog and Instagram for updates on my ongoing projects.

Heinz Danzberger Gallery & Studio in Mount Shasta is a show case for my photography work and some contemporary art samples by artist I do work with on fine art reproduction and limited edition print work.

The Gallery, plus my Studio work are a combined effort to afford a life around a camera and the arts in a small rural town, offering fine art, portrait and commercial services in Northern California.

For any quick references, inquiries and a private gallery viewing while you are in my town, you can also text me during the hours of 10 AM – 8PM. Email would be my preferred contact venue.

Regarding any requests for print work, or purchase information.

The Traditional Photography in the portfolio section are images mostly published as a limited edition art work. These images are made in MF and shot with my all time favorite tool; the Pentax 6×7. Using low ISO B&W film by Ilford, Agfa and Kodak with a manipulated/altered development process. These works are offered in a 3 tier pricing structure, increasing in price after each third of the edition sells out, and are progressively priced as the edition sells out.

The Recent Photography section work is available in custom sizes, unless it is a limited edition. My photography work at this juncture is focused on high resolution photography work with image files often over 1GB in size, created optically and in traditional photography terms. The difference again in good imagery is defined by the quality of the lens, more than the recording media applied, be it sensors or film. To this day, I apply Pentax as my go to choice of camera in various conceptions, after dragging P67 through the world in my younger years, I never had a bad experience with this fine camera system. These works are priced by size if it is a custom order, please inquire about details.

My standard process today is to create oversize capture files in the highest possible resolution, mostly classic lenses, collected lenses from the film days, 35 to MF technology. It allows me to create massive files, in an elaborate capture technique, processed with standard dark room type techniques, as my images created solely at the moment of capture. All my photography work content is created at the moment of exposure and not in post-production, after all you are dealing with a very traditional photographer, who grew up with the curse of HCB on my shoulders for a long time.

Often I do downsize these files for my print work at about 20-40″ on the short side, in a 1:2 or 1:3 print format, while creating stunning print work in the sizes of about 20 -40″ by 50-100″ to be framed or displayed on canvas if size demands it. I do not like to employ digital enlargement tools as they tend to water down the image and fine art print experience, but any custom sizes are available up to 60″ on the short side.

For any orders of my work, I would love to chat with you in person about your desires and define a print to your specifications in size and potential fine adjustments to suit any room size and light tint in your display area. My large format print work is done with the outstanding Epson HDR UltraChrome and Canon Lucia ink sets and archival media, achieving an over 100 year lifespan of print work under standard display conditions.

Please drop me a line at heinzdanzberger(at)gmail(dot)com if you have an interest in my work. If at all possible I do prefer email contacts as I am suffering from some hearing damage, or text me on my IPhone 530 859 9306.

In essence, I have migrated from the film / darkroom based technology to digital archival pigment printing with Epson printers and find it most fascinating what one can create in combination of good traditional photography techniques, paired with this new technology in out put options. The most significant shift in my work is that in my youth I was occupied by the HCB philosophy, solely focused on the perfect negative with the print as simple finishing step of a good negative, now I do shift the importance to the final print work.

Anyway – I would love to hear from you and all my work, especially in print is custom work made to custom orders, so you won’t find a shopping cart on this site.




The print work is the ultimate essence of my work and style and represents the finest print work possible with modern media. It is very trying to even represent the high print quality and details in thumbnail or web site venue.

This work needs to be seen and appreciated in person….as always if you are near my gallery or passing through, text me and let’s see if I can open the gallery for a private viewing for you, if I am not out on assignment.

My shooting style is laid out in a way to create the final print size work in-camera, I do not like enlargement procedures I rather shoot big and down size for a print, which puts a lot of demands on y shooting work, but is worth every effort in the end, creating outstanding print work in the unique process.

Our fine art prints are of the highest archival quality in Epson inks and paper used in the process, with longevity of a print under normal room conditions of over 100 years.

The prints are made by the artist in the studio, approved, signed and dated with a print certificate establishing the provenance of any work.

Prints are created by myself, signed and dated with a print certificate to establish provenance and technical specs of the work.

Most of our high resolution images are available in custom sizes in open editions, volume controlled, unless it is a limited edition print, which are defined sizes and issues.

I do guarantee my work and will always help a collector if there would be any damage to the work at your location with sensibly priced replacement prints, in return for the damaged print!

Once we receive the client’s payment we begin to build new work and frames within about 1-2 weeks time, custom orders might take a little longer.

The larger framed pieces are in the end a 3D work of art, a combination of print and frame work, which does require extreme attention to the work and details, as the difficulties of such a construction rise with the size of the work.


Concerning long distance shipping and delivery, here are some options:

We ship any work as a signed and dated print on paper or canvas rolled in tube, internationally, a most cost effective and safest option. A framer, or even carpentry shop can build you a frame of choice with simple instructions included to achieve a frame of great quality.

Frames to about 20×30″ dimension can be shipped assembled with a risk of glass breakage during transport, larger frames would be unsafe and very expensive to ship in a build crate per art shipper, doable but a serious cost factor.

For oversize work, I do consider delivery and installation along the West Coast if applicable for a Per Diem fee.

We deliver and install in the Bay Area about once every three months, after a couple of orders are collected to rent a van.

Museum Grade Acrylic glazing options are available on special order and do usually add about 4-500 dollars to a frame construction, if it is desired. I do shy away from acrylic glazing in general as it does alter the viewing experience, plus it will scratch with time, the glass is a big part of the final look of the framed work, giving the matte prints a subtle shine in a frame.

We are using PayPal INVOICES for Internet based orders, sending you an invoice upon order per email and you can pay the invoice directly from your inbox, per debit or credit card, after receiving payment it will take us about 3-5 business days to fulfill your order.

Larger frames, we do deliver and install by arrangement along the CA and OR corridor of the  West Coast, any farther distance would need to be discussed and explored as a possible option, pending on order size and volume.

While some of our work represents a very unique combined piece of art as a sepia toned large size print and a custom made recycled barn wood frame, it is quite possible for you do order any size print and frame of the work and we will build you a package containing the rolled and tubed print, and also the frame boards as a angle pre-cut, not assembled frame, so you can have a good carpenter finish assemble the frame. You would receive a package of print and frame boards within about 2-3 weeks as custom building frames takes about 2 weeks. All you would need to do is have a furniture carpenter assemble the frame boards, order a regular glass cut to fit the frame and have a frame shop insert the print and a back board to finish the work. Detailed instructions come with the delivery.  It is a simple process actually and won’t cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars in most cases.