The website provides an overview over a lifelong obsession with the photographic medium. From MF film work to more recent digital photography .

Studio Liink is my professional Fine Art Print Studio, focused on art reproduction and print work for visual artists.

Red Door Gallery in Mount Shasta is a show case for Photography and Contemporary Art, here you can find some of my high resolution oversize print work on display.

My photography work and the two venues above, a combined effort to afford a life around a camera and art.

Finally a website focused on my personal photography work

Posted by on Apr 30, 2014 in News

Welcome to my website. As you can see it is still under construction. If you need more information please go to Red Door Gallery¬†and you can find out more about my work and venues. This site should up and running to keep you informed within May of 2014, pending on me being able to decipher […]

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